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    I have heard quite a bit about offline tool setting systems and how they can really help increase the accuracy of the finish and the polish on the CNCs by making sure the tool tolerances are tight. We have one Titan CNC and out out about 1000-1200 sq ft/day in 2, 8 hour shifts between the CNC...
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    Cool French machine

    Thanks Josh. What kind of sq. ft. volume fo you guys put out everyday? What other machinery do you have to complement your production?My shop runs a GMM bridge saw with a Fusion. We cut about 40-50 sq. ft./ hour with the Fusion and use the bridge saw for miter strips and cutting remnants as...
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    CNC dressing

    Hi! Finally good to have a forum dedicated to machinery and smooth functioning of the shopfloor! I know there are quite a bit of CNC tools out there and there are a dozen ways for dressing each one of them. I have a few questions regarding this: We have a Park Titan and run mostly ADI tools and...